is a scheduling tool for managing social media. You can manage all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest through a dedicated dashboard.

Publer allows you to schedule across multiple social networks. Also, it can do some others tasks like customizing the post based on the social networks.

If you are posting to a couple of social community it turns into handy. For example, if you are posting to Facebook then you want extra pix and if you want a shorter textual content, you could do that on Twitter. Also, you don’t want to use emojis on LinkedIn, so you can customize those posts for distinct social networks.

You can import CSV file and used for bulk scheduling. This is one of the useful features. You can keep multiple post in Publer and schedule them as required.

There is option to do automatic schedule as well.

If you want to schedule post in time interval, Publer lets you do that as well.

To add a new account , click on the + icon shown below. Also, you can see the various social media accounts supported by Publer.

Watermarking is a feature that you may not find in any other social media management platforms.

You can upload a photo and would be able to use as watermark. This makes the post look professional.

Conclusion : Publer is a great tool for social media posting. Very user-friendly and does what is promises. The RoadMap is promising and definitely a must-have for all who loves social media.

If you would like to try , here is the link

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