6 Companies Elon Musk ‘Owns’ Other Than Twitter

6 Companies Elon Musk ‘Owns’ Other Than Twitter Oct 31 2022 By: Gadgets Now Bureau

Spacex Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Was Launched In 2002. It Produces Crew Spacecraft Starlink Communications Satellites Rocket Engines The Falcon 9 And Falcon Heavy Launch Vehicles Along With The Cargo Dragon And Other Rockets. Source: Gadgets Now

Elon Musk And Spacex Elon Musk Wants To Lower The Price Of Space Travel Through Spacex. The Firm Is Also In Charge Of Placing Starlink Satellites In Orbit. Source: Gadgets Now

Tesla The Us-Based Global Automotive And Clean Energy Company Tesla Develops And Manufactures Solar Panels Electric Cars Battery Energy Storage Systems And Solar Roof Tiles Among Other Things. Source: Gadgets Now